Mike Vesey

Date published: 7/23/2020
Mike Vesey, President and Founder, IdRamp
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On this episode of the podcast Steve talks with Mike Vesey, Founder and President of IdRamp about his entrepreneurial journey to launching a company focused on easing integration and management challenges of next-gen decentralized identity, and how decentralized identity gives people power back over their own identities and enables organizations with continuous business model innovation.

Also on this podcast, consultants and advisory practice leaders will get a better understanding of how IdRamp’s decentralized identity platform can give service delivery super powers by removing the system and integration complexities while delivering new differentiated value and delighting customers. In this podcast you will learn how you can create new revenue opportunities by enabling both tool sets and governance programs through decentralized service delivery and policy orchestration and, in Mike’s own words, by “adapting to market forces.”


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