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We are reminded daily how the world around us is in chaos. That in spite of living in modern civilization with the most advanced technologies in history that the planet has ever seen.

Yet we still have devastating data breaches. The signs of economic inequality is disturbing, and only getting worse. We have a massive and growing privacy deficit that threatens democracy, and our political and economic freedoms.

Clearly the status quo is not working.

So Season 2 is dedicated to exploring decentralized identity, data protection and governance, GDPR and privacy by design, innovation ecosystems, stakeholder capitalism and inventing the future with nonconformist innovation.

Your sponsorship will help cover operating and production costs. There will be approximately 12 episodes of the podcast published in Seasons 2.  Becoming a sponsor of the podcast can help increase your brand awareness and create positive PR exposure for your company.

To get started, contact us directly by sending an email to and let us know what you have in mind.

Thank you for your interest in the podcast and nonconformist innovation.


Last updated on 5/30/2020

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