Nonconformist Innovation Podcast


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Hi, I’m Steve

The majority of entrepreneurs and leaders in business today will not do what it takes to separate themselves from the herd. For that reason, nonconformity stands out. Some just never follow the rules.

This podcast was launched, quite selfishly, so that I could interview some of today’s most brilliant executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators to learn as much from them as I could. My secondary goal is to share that experience with you.

Why? Innovation is like the air we breathe. Nonconformity acts as a catalyst for change. And I want you to have access to the best ideas so that nonconformist innovation can be the catalyst for change and competitive advantage that you deserve.

So, what nonconformist action will you take to bring about change in your world?

sometimes you have to break what’s working and make sure you’re the disruptor versus the disruptee
Tom Kemp