Privacy forms the foundation of our freedom. You cannot have free and open societies without a strong foundation of privacy. Let’s preserve privacy, not only for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren to come.
—Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Why the Nonconformist Innovation Summit?

Join the Nonconformist Innovation Podcast’s inaugural digital summit to hear directly from distinguished experts, business leaders, investors and strategists as we explore privacy, data protection, digital identity and nonconformist innovation.

What you’ll take away from attending:

  • Perspectives on recent trends in decentralized identity, digital trust and privacy by design from leading experts.
  • Understanding of the political, economic and technical underpinnings of the future of privacy and identity.
  • The regulatory and privacy implications of contact tracing and exposure notification apps (and what you can do about it)
  • Participation in a virtual mastermind which aims to put privacy first and create the future with nonconformist innovation.
  • Hearing from practitioners and experts on how to build a culture of privacy in your organization.
  • Creating a safer post COVID-19 world with privacy enhancing technologies and privacy by design.
  • Timely updates on CCPA and CCPA Version 2.0 aka the California Privacy Rights Act.

There are some excellent podcasts from Season 1 that you can listen to in preparation for this virtual summit. You will also have the chance to download text transcripts and presentations that are made available after the event.


Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre
Executive Director

Aaron Weller

Sentinel, LLC
Co-founder & VP, Strategy


Patrick Heim

Operating Partner & CISO
Dr. Phil Windley

Dr. Phil Windley

Sovrin Foundation
Chair and Board of Trustees
Drummond Reed

Drummond Reed

Chief Trust Officer
Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein

Focal PLLC
Practice Leader, Cybersecurity & Privacy
Rohan Pinto

Rohan Pinto

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Riley Hughes

Streetcred ID
Co-founder, CEO


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Host & Organizers

Steve Tout

Steve Tout

Chief Instigator
Ricardo Diaz

Ricardo Diaz

Cyber Security & DLT Professional