Season 4 Guests

Jeremy Grant

Digital Identity & AuthN Guidelines for Agency Leaders with Jeremy Grant

Steve sits down with Jeremy Grant, a Managing Director at Venable, to discuss the evolving landscape of digital identity, highlighting his work enhancing digital security, privacy, and convenience in collaboration with policymakers.


Ethics in the Age of Disruptive Technologies with Brian Green and Ann Skeet

In this episode Steve has a conversation with Ann and Brian about the ethical challenges and risks of AI and disruptive technology, the role that leadership and culture play…


IT Leadership & Innovation with Geeta Pyne

In this episode, Steve has a conversation with Geeta Pyne. The conversation begins with Geeta’s background as a boarding school student and moves to her discovery of advanced parallel computing, her current role as the Chief Enterprise Architect at Intuit, and her evolution and principles as an IT and business leader.


Hack Your Bureaucracy with Marina Nitze

Are we all politicians? That is the question Steve asks his guest on this episode. Steve has a conversation with Marina Nitze, Co-Author of Hack Your Bureaucracy about political capital (what it is and how to get it), tackling big challenges, navigating organizational dynamics, inclusive innovation, hacking bureaucracy, and her affection for dry-erase boards.


Cybersecurity Leadership with Jamil Farshchi & Timothy Held

In this episode Steve has a conversation with Jamil Farshchi and Timothy Held about top cyber risks, leadership, innovation in cybersecurity, standards, regulations, and thoughts on the threat landscape for 2023. CISOs are not only responsible for the security posture of their organization, they are guardians of the teams, employees, customers, and stakeholders they serve.

Richard Clarke

Cyberwar & National Security with Richard Clarke

In this episode of the podcast, Steve has a conversation with Richard Clarke about how the threat of cyber war has evolved over the past decade, the politics of cybersecurity, and the need for accountable leaders in the face of evolving threats and emerging technology such as ransomware and artificial intelligence.


Entrepreneurship with Andre Durand

In this episode Steve has a conversation with Andre Durand about his founder’s journey, his early experiences as an entrepreneur, scrounging dumpsters for bike frames that he could improve and resell. Andre talks about what motivated him to start a company, how his best ideas happen, thoughts about building teams, questions he asks of new hires, and the legacy he hopes will endure.


Trustworthy AI with Beena Ammanath

In the first episode of Season 4, Steve has a conversation with Beena Ammanath about her new book Trustworthy AI, ways that AI can be exploited, and considerations for chief security officers, data protection officers, and security professionals. We will also spend time looking at implications for ethics, trust, and privacy when working with AI, and how businesses can make sure AI is more inclusive and works for everyone.

Season 3 Guests


Leadership Unhinged with Manfred Kets de Vries

On this bonus episode, I have the honor of having Manfred Kets de Vries as my guest, one of the most prolific and provocative management thinkers of our time. Over the next hour we discuss topics such as how ethics education begins in the home, leadership in politics, discovery and acceptance of the shadow self, Manfred’s new book Leadership Unhinged, Essays on the Ugly, The Bad, and The Weird. We explore the question are we are greatest worst enemy? How is it possible that incompetent authoritarian leadership exists in democratic societies, and wrap with Manfred’s thoughts on wise leadership.


Privacy Tech & Compliance with Vaibhav Mehrotra

On this episode Steve has a conversation with Vaibhav Mehrotra (Founder and CEO of Secuvy) about his start-up experience, some of the trends he is seeing in privacy tech, the challenges of managing and scaling data security and privacy programs, and his company’s approach using AI and robotic process automation to address this global problem. We also talk about going beyond complying with regulatory requirements and the need to build trust with customers through strong data privacy and governance practices.


Provoke, How Leaders Shape The Future with Geoff Tuff & Steven Goldbach

In this episode of the podcast Steve has a conversation with authors of the national bestseller Detonate, Geoff Tuff and Steven Goldbach, to discuss their new book Provoke, How Leaders Shape The Future by Overcoming Fatal Human Flaws. If there was ever a blueprint for Nonconformist Innovation, this would be it. It contains the principles, patterns, mindsets and stories to educate readers on principles of provocation, and makes nonconformist innovation accessible to leaders who are willing to do the work.


A Path to Business Innovation with Paul Chapman

In this epic episode Steve reconnects with former VMware colleague, Paul Chapman, to discuss the role that innovation played during VMware’s rapid growth years. We take a look at Paul’s illustrious career in IT leadership positions including his current role as the CIO at Cisco.


Ethical IT Innovation with Sarah Spiekermann

On this episode Steve has a conversation with Sarah Spiekermann about the cultural implications for privacy and ethics by design, an IEEE project she is working on called the Draft Model Process for Addressing Ethical Concerns During System Design, as well as her monumental book Ethical IT Innovation, A Value-Based System Design Approach. Towards the end of the conversation, we spend some time talking about the ethics of AI, ethical machines, wise leadership and how to protect against unintended consequences of innovations in artificial intelligence.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation with Balaji Parimi

In this episode Steve talks to founder and CEO Balaji Parimi about the launch of his company Cloud Knox Security, about his experience defining an entirely new category, about being named a pioneer by the World Economic Forum, and about his recent exit to Microsoft in July of this year. We conclude the conversation with his thoughts and advice for aspiring founders and start-up CEOS on building a team that can drive towards success, and his vision for the future of cloud security.


Privacy Innovation with Dr. Ann Cavoukian & Steve Wilson

On this episode of the podcast I have the honor to have a lengthy conversation with two respected heroes and leading thinkers in the privacy and identity space, Dr. Ann Cavoukian and Steve Wilson. During our conversation we explore the need for greater cooperation among businesses and governments to recognize and respect data minimization.


Intentional Integrity with Rob Chesnut

On this episode of the podcast Steve chats with Rob Chesnut, the former Chief Ethics Officer and general counsel of Airbnb. During this conversation we take a look at intentional integrity and the mindset needed to put integrity into practice and transform workplace culture. We also discuss some of the practices that he teaches leaders about being proactive, inspiring their workforce, and staying ahead of the ethical revolution.


Zero Trust with Jerry Chapman & Jason Garbis

On this first episode of Season 3 Steve invited a former colleague Jerry Chapman, and his co-author Jason Garbis to talk about their new book Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide, dispel some of the myths around zero trust, talk about best practices and discuss the compelling business case for this strategic approach.


Authentic Leadership with Sabrina Horn

On this episode Steve has a conversation with a leading thinker on authentic leadership, Sabrina Horn, who recently published her first book, Make It, Don’t Fake It – Leading With Authenticity For Real Business Success. Sabrina is a C-Suite advisor, professional speaker, communications expert and the CEO of HORN Strategy Group.


Credential Threat Intelligence with Stan Bounev & John Donovan

On this episode Steve takes a look at innovation in breach detection and response — in a post Solar Winds world. Cyber criminals have access to billions of stolen credentials, have budgets for innovation, and explore why your company should, too. We will also discuss how companies can take advantage of credential centric threat intelligence in their IT systems.


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Season 2 Guests

Dushka Zapata

Self Care with Dushka Zapata

On this episode Steve chats with Dushka Zapata, author of ten books including: “How to be Ferociously Happy”, “Amateur: an inexpert, inexperienced, unauthoritative, enamored view of life”, and most recently “How to Draw Your Boundaries and why no one else can save you.” Dushka was recently named one of the top 25 innovators in her industry by The Holmes Report and regularly contributes to Quora, the question and answer site, where she has over 169 million views.


Data Ethics and Innovation with Davi Ottenheimer

On this episode Steve chats with Davi Ottenheimer, VP of Ethics and Trust at Inrupt, about the role that ethics plays in innovation, capitalism, cyber resilience and thoughts on the emerging CCPA 2.0 and CPRA. And the most provocative question of all: is the US still in a civil war?


Decentralized Identity with Mike Vesey

On this episode of the podcast Steve talks with Mike Vesey, Founder and President of IdRamp about his entrepreneurial journey to launching a company focused on easing integration and management challenges of next-gen decentralized identity, and how decentralized identity gives people power back over their own identities and enables organizations with continuous business model innovation.


Nonconformist Careers for Women in Privacy & Security

Steve has a candid conversation with Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Danielle Funston, and Michelle Dennedy on career challenges and opportunities for women in privacy and security.


Drummond Reed

On this episode, Drummond Reed demystifies verifiable credentials, zero knowledge proofs, the implications of Trust over IP and talks about how we can scale not only the technical aspects of SSI, but the business models and alliances that will be needed for SSI to achieve major milestones and critical success.

Nonconformist Innovation Summit 2020

Nonconformist Innovation Media’s inaugural virtual summit to hear directly from experts, business leaders, investors, and strategists as we explore privacy, data protection, digital identity and nonconformist innovation.

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Season 1 Guests

Tom Kemp

Tom Kemp

Tom Kemp shares his thoughts on start-up lessons learned, entrepreneurship, innovation, and tips for leaders to be more impactful in this episode.

Kip Boyle

Kip Boyle

Kip Boyle discusses the role that innovation plays in cybersecurity and risk management strategy and talks about his new book, Fire Doesn’t Innovate, The Executive’s Practical Guide to Thriving in the Face of Evolving Cyber Risks.

Eve Mahler

Eve Maler

On this episode Eve talks about her experience with disruptive innovation, strategic commoditization of standards, digital privacy and consumer consent.

Richard Bird

Richard Bird

On this episode, Richard talks about his journey to Chief Customer Information Officer at Ping Identity, identity-centric security, Zero Trust, frictionless authentication and identity intelligence.

Steve Herrod

Dr. Steve Herrod

In this episode, Dr. Steve Herrod talks about how nonconformist innovation was used during his time as CTO of VMware (taking VMware from obscurity to massive success during his 12 years with the company) how start-ups should be thinking about innovation and how they must think scale and growth to be successful, and his thoughts on modern application security and Zero Trust security.

Ann Cavoukian

Dr. Ann Cavoukian

On this milestone episode, Steve talks with Dr. Ann Cavoukian about Privacy by Design, recent trends in data privacy, her work with the EU and its impact on the GDPR.

Phil Windley

Dr. Phil Windley

On this episode, Phil Windley discusses the compelling business case for distributed and self-sovereign ID systems and the traction he is seeing through his work with the Sovrin Foundation.


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