IT Leadership & Innovation
with Geeta Pyne

Date published: 07/13/2023
Geeta Pyne, Chief Enterprise Architect, Intuit Platform, Intuit

In this episode, Steve has a conversation with Geeta Pyne. The conversation begins with Geeta’s background as a boarding school student and moves to her discovery of advanced parallel computing, her current role as the Chief Enterprise Architect at Intuit, and her values and principles as an IT and business leader.

During this episode, you will hear exactly how a leader at the top of her game breaks down complex challenges on-the-fly in real-time, applies optimism, courage, and science to solve hard problems, and uses architecture for the common good.

Also on this episode, you will hear about Geeta’s leadership approach which she refers to as ITRACCK, and her recommendations for not only succeeding but thriving through adversity as a minority in a male-dominated industry.

About Geeta

Geeta is a highly experienced Chief Enterprise Architect with over 25 years of experience in the industry, leading and defining next-generation architecture strategies, visions, plans, roadmaps, and governance to accelerate platform journeys for multiple companies such as Intuit, Zuora, Veritas, VMware, BMC, and Arrow Electronics.

Production, Editing, and Sound Design: Brad Parsons

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