Ethics, AI, and the Future of Identity Verification with Jordan Burris and Katy Ruckle

Date published: 06/14/2024
Jordan Burris, VP and Head of Public Sector Strategy at Socure
Katy Ruckle, Chief Privacy Officer, Washington State

In this engaging episode, Steve has a conversation with Katy Ruckle and Jordan Burris about the future of identity verification, privacy implications, and the ethical considerations of AI in both the public and private sectors. They discuss the complexities of implementing biometric technologies, the regulatory landscape, and the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing digital identity solutions.

Topics discussed:

  • Exploring the balance between innovation in biometric technology and the necessity to protect privacy rights.
  • Discussing the emerging regulations around biometrics and the variability across different states and vendors.
  • Addressing the ethical implications of AI and the need for intentional and transparent use of data.
  • Highlighting the importance of collaboration between government and private sector to improve digital identity solutions.
  • The debate over opt-in versus opt-out privacy frameworks and the need for clear consent mechanisms.
  • Examining the challenges of enforcing privacy laws and the trend towards granting individuals the right to enforce their own privacy rights.
  • The tension between technological advancements in identity verification and maintaining privacy and security standards.
  • The influence of state-specific laws on the use of biometric identifiers and the implications for businesses.
  • The need for modernization in digital identity and the role of innovation in driving this dialogue.
  • The practical difficulties of implementing powers of attorney and ensuring they are user-friendly and effective.

Jordan & Katy

Jordan Burris is the Vice President of Public Sector Strategy at Socure and former Chief of Staff for the Federal CIO at the Office of Management and Budget. He is recognized for his expertise in digital identity, fraud prevention, and advocating for ethical practices in AI-driven identity verification, and frequently speaks on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the identity field.



Katy Ruckle was appointed as Washington state’s Chief Privacy Officer in 2020. She has since published Washington’s foundational privacy principles and launched statewide training on privacy and data protection for public employees. In 2023, she received the Governor’s Outstanding Leadership Award and earned two national leadership awards in 2024: GovTech’s Top 25 Doer, Dreamer, and Drivers, and StateScoop’s Top 50. Katy currently co-chairs the State’s AI Community of Practice and leads the Governor’s Executive Order on AI, representing WaTech on the AGO AI Task Force. She is a licensed attorney and holds multiple certifications from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).


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