The Nonconformist Innovation Summit presents a challenging, almost iconoclastic, look at things which can be uncomfortable but really need to be said.
– Stephen Wilson, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research

Video On Demand

The videos from the Nonconformist Innovation Summit are now available for re-play on demand.

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Video On Demand includes:

  • Morning Keynote #1
  • Morning Keynote #2
  • Identity Management and Your Privacy Program
  • Adaptive Governance and the Trusted Data Economy
  • GDPR & CCPA – What’s Next?
  • Opening remarks – Technical Track
  • A Path to Digital Privacy — The Evolution of Digital Identity
  • Digital Trust Ecosystem — Open Source, Working Groups and Networks
  • Applied Cryptography — Execution and Global Scale
  • Rebooting Public Trust — COVID Credentials Initiative
  • Expert Panel: Legal Obligations vs Ethical Usage of Sensitive Consumer Data; Privacy, Trust and Personal Freedom In A COVID-19 World
  • Anatomy of Self Sovereign Identity and Future
  • COVID Credentials — What’s Next?
  • Closing Keynote #1
  • Closing Keynote #2
  • Executive Panel