Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Leadership with Andre Durand

Date published: 7/8/2022
Andre Durand, Co-Founder and CEO, Ping Identity

In this episode Steve has the good fortune and rare opportunity to sit down with Andre Durand for a conversation about his founder’s journey, his early experiences as an entrepreneur, scrounging dumpsters for bike frames that he could improve, and resell. Andre talks about what motivated him to start a company, how his best ideas came about, his thoughts about building teams, questions he asks of new hires, the legacy he hopes will endure, and how he fights entropy. Steve also asks Andre about his favorite music and the next concert he is planning to attend.

About Andre

Andre is the co-founder and CEO of Ping Identity, an identity security company he started in 2002. He has founded multiple companies including the instant messaging company Jabber and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara.¬†Andre was named CEO of the year by Vista Equity Partners in 2017 and led the company to IPO in 2019.


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Production, Editing, and Sound Design: Brad Parsons

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