Self-Care with Dushka Zapata

Date published: 11/1/2020
Dushka Zapata, Author Quora
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With profound political unrest causing havoc on our society and shareholder interests dominating leadership and business today, it’s easy to become cynical, depressed, or worse, and to stay that way for long periods of time.  I know that more than a few of you listening are unemployed and looking for work, or gainfully employed and putting your best effort forward to thrive in difficult circumstances.  Desperately for a cure for COVID-19, for economic and political freedom,  for ethical leadership and expecting more accountability and authenticity from our leaders is hard work. But it’s the right thing to do.

The struggle is part of being human. But making the taking time for rest, recovery and self care is more important than ever.  Taking one day at a time, practicing gratitude, self-acceptance and empathy are forms of self care for nonconformist innovators. And that is what we are going to be talking about with today’s guest, Dushka Zapata.

About Dushka

Dushka Zapata has worked in communications for over twenty years, running agencies (such as Edelman and Ogilvy) and working with companies to develop their corporate strategy.

During this time she specialized in executive equity and media and presentation training. She helped people communicate better through key message refinement and consistency and coached them to smoothly manage difficult interviews with press during times of crisis.
Dushka is an executive coach and public speaker who imparts workshops about personal brand development. She has been hired for strategic alignment hiring, to coach and mentor high potential individuals, improve upon new business pitches, refine existing processes and galvanize a company’s communication efforts.

She recently built and ran the communications team at Zendesk and is now head of communications for Forte, a start up that believes games can unlock new economic opportunities for billions of people.

Dushka is the author of ten books: “How to be Ferociously Happy”, “Amateur: an inexpert, inexperienced, unauthoritative, enamored view of life”, “A Spectacular Catastrophe and other things I recommend”, “Your Seat Cushion is a Flotation Device”, “Someone Destroyed My Rocket Ship and other havoc I have witnessed at the office”, “How to Build a Pillow Fort and other Valuable Life Lessons”, “You Belong Everywhere and other things you’ll have to see for yourself”, “Love Yourself and other insurgent acts that recast everything”, “Feelings Are Fickle and other things I wish someone had told me”, and most recently “How to Draw Your Boundaries and why no one else can save you.”

Dushka was recently named one of the top 25 innovators in her industry by The Holmes Report and regularly contributes to Quora, the question and answer site, where she has over 169 million views.

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