Cybersecurity Leadership with Jamil Farshchi & Timothy Held

Date published: 11/17/2022
Jamil Farshchi, Executive VP and Chief Information Security Officer of Equifax
Timothy Held, Chief Information Security Officer and Executive Vice President at U.S. Bank

In this episode Steve has a conversation with Jamil Farshchi and Timothy Held about top cyber risks, leadership, and innovation in cybersecurity, standards, regulations, and thoughts on the threat landscape for 2023.

About Jamil & Tim

Jamil joined Equifax in 2018 and led an unprecedented transformation of the company’s security and technology capabilities. Today, Equifax is regarded as having one of the most advanced, effective, and transparent cybersecurity programs in business. Prior to Equifax, he was Chief Information Security Officer at The Home Depot, where he led the security turnaround for the Fortune 50 company following a high-profile data breach. Jamil serves as a Strategic Engagement Advisor for the FBI and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Technology Security Coalition.

Tim joined US Bank in 2005 and leads a multidisciplinary information security team operating across the United States, Europe, and Asia, focusing on prevention, detection, and response. Tim is responsible for U.S. Bank’s cybersecurity architecture, engineering, security operations, incident response, data loss prevention, vulnerability assessment services, online fraud detection, security monitoring, insider threat, and cyber threat intelligence. Tim sits on several external committees and is recognized by the Security 50 Organization as one of the top 50 CISOs in the world.

CISOs are not only responsible for the security posture of their organization, they are guardians of the teams, employees, customers, and stakeholders they serve. They have a difficult job to perform, and I do not envy them one bit. But I am grateful for their contributions to society, and I am grateful for Jamil and Tim taking the time to talk with me for this epic episode on cybersecurity leadership.

Production, Editing, and Sound Design: Brad Parsons

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