Nonconformist Innovation Strategy Audit Workshop

This workshop will facilitate a strategy audit of your business based on principles from the Nonconformist Innovation podcast, and relevant disciplines from a leading MBA program designed to help you differentiate your business and compete in a noisy marketplace.

This audit covers the following modules:

  1. Branding: articulate the essence of the company, ensure alignment with target audience expectations, and enhance market positioning and competitive differentiation.
  2. Go-to-market: get crystal clear about your ideal customer profile (ICP), define your core, and identify your next 10 customers.
  3. Pitch teardown and tune-up: ensures clarity, persuasiveness, and alignment with strategic goals and mission of the company.
  4. Strategic marketing: redefines the value proposition and positioning statement to ensure market relevance, competitive advantage, and customer alignment.
  5. Voice of customer (VOC): plan and execute a VOC session that captures customer insights to inform decision-making, improve customer satisfaction, and align offerings with market needs.
  6. CISO feedback: pitch to a guest CISO, followed by a pitch teardown and review, helps refine messaging for security-conscious stakeholders, ensuring the pitch addresses critical business concerns and resonates with decision-makers.
  7. X-factor: examine the importance of -and opportunities for- personal transformation, professional development, leadership effectiveness, and strategic alignment, ultimately fostering the company’s success.
  8. Good Strategy / Bad Strategy: highlights effective strategic practices and common pitfalls, guiding start-up CEOs to develop robust, actionable strategies and avoid critical mistakes.
  9. Start-up pitfalls: identifies common pitfalls and provides actionable insights to avoid mistakes, fostering resilience and informed strategic planning.
  10. Putting it all together: integrate insights from each module to develop a cohesive, actionable strategy for high-value business decisions using a decision tree analysis.

Lunch and beverages will be provided, and are included in the fee.

Participants will leave with a clear, prioritized action plan derived from comprehensive strategic analysis, ensuring alignment and readiness to address high-value business decisions effectively.

You will received a workbook that covers all of the modules, and AI-generated summaries from the entire session.

Pre-workshop reading and preparation will be provided and is strongly recommended to maximize the impact of your investment.

Option A

This option is a full day (8-hours) workshop located near Seattle, WA with custom workshop materials and dynamic real-time consulting services, delivered by Steve Tout and Nonconformist Innovation Media.

One-time payment of $3,750


Option B

This option includes EVERYTHING in Option A, in addition to a 60 day retainer with unlimited access to Steve by email, phone, and web conferencing for following up with questions, accountability, and support.

One-time payment of $6,750

Use the discount code NONCONFORMIST2024 for a 10% discount on this combo item.

After payment is received, you will receive a link to Steve’s Calendly to schedule your workshop online.