Dr. Phil Windley


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Date published: 9/15/2019
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Website: Windley.com
Sovrin Foundation: Sovrin Foundation

The guest on this episode is Dr. Phil Windley. Phil serves as chairman of the Sovrin Foundation and chief evangelist of the self-sovereign identity movement.

My goal for this episode is hear from a global expert on decentralized and self-sovereign identity, where we stand on the technology adoption life-cycle, how disruptive DID and SSI technologies will be to the business world and to society, and most importantly, how soon those disruptions will occur.

On this episode, I talk with Phil about the compelling business case and the traction that he is seeing with DID and SSI today through his work with the Sovrin Foundation.

I also want to give a special shout out to Ricardo Diaz, a friend and colleague who was the inspiration and technical advisor for this episode of the show. Ricardo is a champion and expert in decentralized identity, product strategy and cyber-security and is available to select clients worldwide for education and consulting.


Dr. Phil Windley

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