Nov 25

Becoming Elite

As you stand at the threshold of another year, remember the unwavering dedication and hard work you put in during 2023. This year was not just about counting miles; it was about surpassing boundaries and redefining limits. You ran more than 1500 miles, not just traversing distances but also journeying within yourself, exploring the depths of your endurance and willpower.

Training for multiple marathons wasn’t just about physical preparation; it was a testament to your mental strength. Each stride was a step towards becoming not just a runner, but an elite one.

The self discipline helped you to discover and embrace these crucial insights, which have become your guiding stars:

  1. Adopt a Growth Mindset: Remember, every run, every challenge was an opportunity for growth. Your mindset wasn’t fixed on the hardships but on the potential for development and improvement.
  2. The Pain Cave: You learned to embrace discomfort, to find strength in it. Pushing through fatigue wasn’t just a physical act but a mental conquest. You understood that pain was not a barrier but a pathway to greatness.
  3. Consistency Is Key: Your journey was not made up of occasional leaps, but of consistent, steady steps. Every day, every run added to the foundation of your excellence. It was this unwavering consistency that transformed your goals into achievements.
  4. Stay Focused: There were distractions, obstacles, and moments of doubt. Yet, you stayed focused on your goals. Your vision was clear, and your commitment unwavering. This focus was your shield against all odds.

As you move forward, carry these reflections with you. They are not just lessons from the past but beacons for the future. Your journey of becoming elite is ongoing, and each day brings new opportunities to grow, endure, be consistent, and stay focused.

Whether you become elite by Olympic standards for time, distance, points, or rankings or not, the transformation you experienced was worth the effort. It’s the process that improves your mind, body, health, confidence, esteem, relationships, and lifespan.

With admiration for your past achievements and excitement for your future endeavors,


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About The Author

Steve is a chief instigator and entrepreneur who helps companies improve performance through nonconformist innovation and strategy.